Woodbury Magazine Spotlight

Since 2001, the Family Achievement Center team has helped thousands of children and adults improve their lives through physical, occupational and speech therapy services. The FAC staff also believes in the importance of supporting caregivers, and family members through home education programs and other activities. Read more about Family Achievement Center here: Family Achievement Center, Inc. […]

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The Family Achievement Foundation Supports Local Families

At the Family Achievement Center, family comes first. From parent-friendly hours that accommodate busy work schedules to cross-disciplinary services that allow back-to-back therapy sessions, the clinic was designed with the patients’ families in mind as much as the patients themselves. At the Family Achievement Center, family comes first. From parent-friendly hours that accommodate busy work […]

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Woodbury Family Achievement Center gets results for kids with disabilities (twincities.com)

Wyatt Hauser ate applesauce with a spoon, grabbed pegs from a pegboard and walked down a carpeted hallway one day last week at Family Achievement Center in Woodbury. For 11-year-old Wyatt, those activities are anything but routine. They’re therapeutic exercises that constitute small miracles. Wyatt has a rare form of debilitating epilepsy that can cause […]

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Eight Sensory Systems

Did you know that we actually have eight sensory systems? All eight of these systems working together are essential to development and our daily lives. Proprioception: The sense that tells the body where it is in space. The receptors are located in the muscles and joints and are activated during heavy work. Activities include jumping, […]

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10 Things Speech Therapists at FAC can help with

1. We use play-based therapy to motivate and engage children as well as provide fun and functional opportunities to incorporate speech and language skills. 2. We help individuals with feeding difficulties learn to chew and swallow a variety of foods and liquids safely and effectively. 3. We work on fluency. FAC SLPs treat children who […]

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Move to Your Own Groove – All Abilities Race

Join us for FAC’s 3rd annual all abilities race at Colby Lake Park! There will be three distances including 50 meters, 1K and a 5K. Click here to register now! Special rates are available for current FAC patients! Race day registration/pick-up starts at 8:30 All abilities 50 meter distance starts at 9:30 AM 5K starts at […]

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10 Things PTs at FAC Can Help With

1. We work on riding bikes. Physical therapists at FAC can help increase strength, coordination and balance needed for bike riding skills. PTs will also work specifically on riding an age and skill appropriate bike in sessions or as part of bike lessons. 2. We work with orthotists and equipment companies. Physical therapists at FAC […]

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10 Things OTs at FAC Can Help With

1. We work on handwriting. FAC OTs treat underlying difficulties including visual motor skills, hand and core strength, and fine motor coordination in conjunction with programs such as Handwriting Without Tears to improve children’s handwriting and pencil grip. 2. We work on self regulation. FAC OTs work on skills such as frustration tolerance, coping strategies, […]

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