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Special Education Woodbury Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech TherapyFamily Achievement Center has been providing exceptional therapy services to MN schools since 2001 and we would love to partner with your school for your future therapy and special education needs. Our occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists are dedicated to our mission and vision of providing hope and improving lives. This philosophy carries over into the school environment where they quickly become an invaluable member of your special education team.

FAC strives to listen and meet the needs of your school and customized services to holistically serve your students with a variety of advantages:
• Flexible in meeting the changing needs of the school
• Collaboratively work with the Special Education Team to develop:
o Face to Face services (F2F)
o Distance Learning Plans via E-Learning and Telethealth (FERPA & HIPAA Compliant)
• The ability to address district short or long term needs for Occupational, Physical, and Speech Language
• Therapists who are proficient in IEP school-based documentation (example: SpEd Forms), MA billing and due process procedures/deadlines

Our therapists
• Use evidence based practices and attend continuing education courses which contribute to a solid framework of strategies and tools that are utilized to help students succeed.
• Have experience working with students under a variety of categorical disability labels.
• Are a team of over 30 professionals with diverse backgrounds, professional experiences, and therapeutic skills resulting in a formula for success.
• Are well versed with culturally diverse populations through completion of cultural diversity training and their on-going experience working with diverse populations.
• Are trained in due process and understand their role on the IEP team as a primary or related service member.
• Deliver services based on the needs of the student and provided in the least restrictive environment.
• Work closely with the IEP team, including general and special education teachers, specialists, and parents.
• Are proficient in SpEd Forms, MA billing, Word, Excel, etc.
• Prioritize completion of paperwork to meet deadlines for IEP’s, Evaluations, etc.
• Prioritize attending IEP meetings whenever possible.
• Collaborate with the IEP team to determine the present level of function and assist with writing goals that support student access to the general curriculum.
• Provide education to the school team about their specialty and service techniques used to help students achieve academic success.
• Participate in “child find” or “students of concern” meetings.
• Complete screenings to assist with identification of student needs.
• Use their expertise to instruct the education team on preventative measures such as vocal hygiene, proper body mechanics, etc.

Our Speech Language Pathologists
(SLPs) work on goals related to academic needs
identified at the time of the initial evaluation. They are experienced with
cultural linguistic diversity and working with interpreters to differentiate
between dialect and disorder. If needed, clinicians have the knowledge to
case manage speech only students.
Student services include but are not limited to:
• Expressive and receptive language skills
• Social communication
• Articulation
• Fluency/stuttering
• Childhood Apraxia of Speech
• Executive functioning
• Social skills groups

Our Occupational Therapists provide related services that focus on a student’s
success with academics, play/leisure, social participation, self-care skills and
transition/work skills. Occupational Therapists are skilled in understanding
how environment impacts learning and will provide modifications and
accommodations that meet the needs of the student.
Student services include but are not limited to:
• Handwriting
• Self-regulation/behavior modulation
• Activities of daily living skills
• Transition/work skills
• Visual perceptual
• Visual & fine motor skills

Our Physical Therapists provide related services for students who have a
physical disability that impedes their academic performance. They provide
therapeutic interventions to help improve safety, function, and overall ability
to navigate in the school environment.
Student services include but are not limited to:
• Functional mobility
• Safe accessibility
• Participation in school based activities
• Strengthening
• Coordination
• Balance
• Adaptive equipment

Special Education

Please contact Sarah at Family Achievement Center if you would like to learn more about our on-site school services: 651-738-9888.


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