About Family Achievement Center


To provide hope to families and improve lives.

Who we are:

Unlike traditional pediatric therapy models, Family Achievement Center uses an innovative, family-centered approach. Our services integrate all aspects of the physical, occupational and speech therapy experience. Ultimately, we strive for our families to know that they are not alone, that Family Achievement Center’s core purpose is to share in their journey.

Who We Serve:

Leveraging a holistic view of the child’s care team, our services extend to all vested parties. Family Achievement Center employees work one-on-one with children who face challenges with courage and resilience. At the same time, we partner with parents and caregivers to promote empowerment.

What Makes Us Different:

At Family Achievement Center we do what many companies do in offering occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Our differences are in the how and the why:

Why we do what we do:

  • We can significantly improve the quality of life of the people we serve
  • We love the people we serve with our passion to help them
  • We build genuine human connections and relationships
  • For each other united in our mission. As one big team, we are connected in our passion and together we are better
  • To honor Anthony’s legacy. We answer a resounding YES to the question he asked his doctor long ago, “I’m helping the other boys, aren’t I Dr. Wong?”

How we do therapy is not in the traditional service driven therapy model

  • Hope as our guiding principle means we never give up, and we refuse to accept mediocrity!
  • Cross discipline collaboration and with the care team
  • Our family-centric model

How we run our business and mission:

  • We are very intentional on culture: healthy, meaningful, dynamic, trusting
  • Family events throughout the year (Awards Day, All Abilities Race, Halloween, Winter Wonderland/Sensory Santa, parent education events, etc.)
  • Our commitment to community
  • Our nonprofit foundation offers additional support and resources


    Looking for other ways to reach us?
    You can also call 651-738-9888 or email info@familyachievement.com

    Business Hours

    (Each location may vary, please call for more information)

    Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m   |   Friday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m   |   Saturday: Limited Availability

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