10 Things Speech Therapists at FAC can help with

1. We use play-based therapy to motivate and engage children as well as provide fun and functional opportunities to incorporate speech and language skills.
2. We help individuals with feeding difficulties learn to chew and swallow a variety of foods and liquids safely and effectively.
3. We work on fluency. FAC SLPs treat children who stutter and provide education and resources to parents to help promote increased fluency in their child’s everyday life.
4. We utilize AAC which provides individuals with expressive communication disorders an opportunity to meet their full communicative abilities. AAC can involve sign language, communication books, speech generating devices, pictures, and more.
5. We provide education to the surrounding areas to help make our community a more inclusive place, to live work and play.
6. We work on educating parents. We are able to educate parents on speech, language, and feeding milestones; when they would expect to see certain skills emerge and when to seek our help when their child has not yet met them. Providing information and ideas on how to enhance their child’s speech and language skills at home, through everyday activities, routines, and play.
7. We work on Expressive Language. Expressive language is a child’s ability to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with those around them. Expressive language can be verbal expression, non verbal expression, using alternative communication methods (AAC, sign, PECS).
8. We work on Receptive Language. Receptive language is a child’s ability to understand language & is important to allows them to follow directions, understand questions, understand stories/books, understand grammar, and understand and respond to social interactions.
9. We work on articulation/ speech sound development. Addressing speech sound production errors allows our clients to feel heard and understood, which can lead to increased confidence and connections.
10.We work on Social Skills. Speech-Language Pathologists help clients with initiating and engaging in conversation with peers and adults.



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