10 Things PTs at FAC Can Help With

1. We work on riding bikes. Physical therapists at FAC can help increase strength, coordination and balance needed for bike riding skills. PTs will also work specifically on riding an age and skill appropriate bike in sessions or as part of bike lessons.
2. We work with orthotists and equipment companies. Physical therapists at FAC have great relationships with outside vendors including orthotists and Durable Medical Equipment companies and will work with them as part of a PT session if these needs arise. Some examples of orthotic intervention include cranial remodeling orthosis, lower extremity bracing, or cervical collars. We can also work with durable medical equipment companies to get assessed and evaluated for walkers, wheelchairs or standing.
3. We work with babies. Physical therapists at FAC can evaluate and treat infants and babies with various diagnoses including torticollis, plagiocephaly and developmental delay. Physical therapy can give positioning strategies, stretches, and also help progress gross motor skills including tummy time, rolling and sitting.
4. We screen for and treat concussions. Physical therapists at FAC can screen for concussions prior to sporting seasons as well as treat symptoms after a concussion such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. PTs can help athletes return to play condition.
5. We help with issues associated with obesity & low activity tolerance. Physical therapists at FAC can help promote physical activity in your child’s life to help them develop into their strongest, happiest, and healthiest self! Current statistics show that 18.5% of youth ages 2-19 are overweight. Tweens gets as much exercise as a 60 year old. Our pediatric physical therapists are here to help your child reverse these statistics!
6. We help youth athletes. Physical therapists can help athletes after injury and with injury prevention. Physical therapist can also help with improving coordination, strength and stabilization needed for participation and improving their performance and confidence in sports.
7. We help decrease falls and improve coordination. Physical therapists can help determine causes and factors that affect a child’s decreased balance and coordination. PTs will help come up with an individualized treatment plan to help improve these causes.
8. We help with improve posture. Physical therapists analyze posture and alignment. Physical therapy can help strengthen muscles needed to stabilize and support a child in their various positions throughout the day and to prevent future issues or injuries. Physical therapists can also assess virtual learning environments and ergonomics.
9. We facilitate gross motor play skills. Physical therapist at FAC can assess and progress gross motor skills for all ages from crawling, walking, stairs, skipping and navigating play equipment. Play is an important part of a child’s development and PTs can provide skilled play that targets appropriate gross motor skills so that a child can interact and participate with peers in play environments.
10. We help maximize function and potential for children with neuromuscular and genetic disorders. Physical therapist at FAC will see kids with any diagnosis including Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and rare genetic disorders. Physical therapists also see children without a diagnosis. PTs will assess and implement personalized plans of care specific to each child’s current level of function. PTs can help throughout a lifetime with all levels of development.



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