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Family Achievement Center Group Participation Criteria For Children Ages 6 and under:
• Children must be able to separate from their caregivers for approximately one hour.
• Children must be able to comprehend and attend to basic instructions (i.e. sitting down for circle time, keeping hands to self, etc.).
• Children cannot be aggressive toward other children or adults.
• Children should not be a “flight risk”.

For Children Ages 7 and Older:
• Children should be able to participate in structure activities for more than one hour and also. have an attention span of, at least, 10 to 15 minutes for individual activities.
• Children should be able to initiate communication with other children and adults.
• Children should have a desire and/or motivation to interact socially with others.
• Children should be able to communicate his/her needs and wants.
• Children should be intelligible to others most of the time.
• Children’s language should be spontaneous with little or no echolalia.
• Children should be able to tolerate a small group setting with other peers with appropriate adult supervision.
• Children must not demonstrate physical aggression towards other children or adults.
• Children should not be a “flight risk”.
• Candidates new to FAC will be required to pass a free observational screening prior to class enrollment.

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Please discuss any concerns regarding your child’s behavior with the group contact before enrollment.

FAC reserves the right to change eligibility criteria depending on group needs.


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