November 23, 2020
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for being part of the Family Achievement Center community, we hope that you and your families are doing well! As everyone is aware, COVID-19 cases are rising in and around the Twin Cities area. We have a strong safety plan in place here at Family Achievement Center, and we continually monitor the ever-changing situation and make adjustments to our safety plan as needed.

In an effort to reduce risk and continue to provide the safest environment for our clients, families, and staff, there may be times when we contact you and request that you change your child’s session to Telehealth (at the same day/time as your regular session). While we understand that this may not be your preferred therapy intervention for ongoing sessions, this option will allow us to see how your child functions at home and to problem solve specific strategies while in the home environment. In addition, we may occasionally ask another therapist to see your child for treatment if his/her regular therapist is out of the office. This can be a great therapeutic opportunity to see how your child transitions with a new person.

We will do our best to continue offering in-clinic sessions as able, and unless it is absolutely necessary, we are asking that parents remain in their vehicles while your child is being treated at this time. This helps to reduce the number of individuals in the clinic, which reduces risk. Telehealth is our safest alternative to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and we have seen great results over the past eight months. Please let your therapist know if you are willing to switch your appointments to Telehealth if you are not currently utilizing it.

In order to continue to decrease the spread and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we have updated our screening process. Please complete this questionnaire prior to each therapy appointment in order to help keep everyone safe. Our therapists will ask if you have completed and will proceed to take your child’s temperature in the lobby. Families will also be provided with our new screening questionnaire in paper format at your next appointment.

Please note: if you, your child, or anyone in your household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you please refrain from coming into the clinic and that you switch your appointment to Telehealth. If you haven’t already received a Telehealth Waiver, please request one.

Please confirm with your child’s therapist that you received a copy of this letter and/or received this email and if you have a preferred phone number or email address you would like us to prioritize should we need to contact you. In addition, please consider checking your email or voicemail regularly on the day of your child’s therapy appointment in case we have contacted you about a change in your child’s therapy session. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility!

Thank you!

Family Achievement Center

Please complete this questionnaire prior to each therapy appointment



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